Recent Publications

Some Recent Publications by Yves D'Angelo.

Ayoub Badia, Yves D’Angelo, François Peters, Laurent Lobry; Frame invariant modeling for non-Brownian suspension flows, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics Volume 309, November 2022, 104904. [1]

R. Catellier, Y. D'Angelo, C. Ricci; A mean-field approach to self-interacting networks, convergence and regularity; Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences 31:13, 2597-2641, 2021. [2]

J. Dikec, A. Olivier, C. Bobée, Y. D’Angelo, R. Catellier, P. David, F. Filaine, S. Herbert, Ch. Lalanne, H. Lalucque, L. Monasse, M. Rieu, G. Ruprich-Robert, A. Véber, F. Chapeland-Leclerc, and E. Herbert; Hyphal network whole field imaging allows for accurate estimation of anastomosis rates and branching dynamics of the filamentous fungus Podospora anserina , Scientific Reports, volume 10, Article number: 3131 2020 [3]

Goupil, Ch., Ouerdane, H., Herbert, E., Goupil, Cl., D'Angelo, Y.; Thermodynamics of metabolic energy conversion under muscle load; New Journal of Physics}, 21, 023021, (2019). [4]

Eric Herbert, Cyprien Morize, Aurélie Louis–Napoléon, Christophe Goupil, Pierre Jop and Yves D'Angelo, Buoyancy-driven destabilization of an immersed granular bed, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, volume 843, pages 778-809, 2018.[5]

E. Thiébaut, C. Goupil, F. Pesty, Y. D’Angelo, G. Guégan & P. Lecoeur, Maximization of the Thermoelectric Cooling of a Graded Peltier Device by Analytical Heat-Equation Resolution, Physical Review Applied, 8, 064003, December 2017 [6]

E Albin, R Knikker, S Xin, C O Paschereit & Y D’Angelo, Computational assessment of curvatures and principal directions of implicit surfaces from 3D scalar data, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Mathematical Methods for Curves and Surfaces, Revised selected papers, Springer, 2017, [7]

C. Goupil, H. Ouerdane, E. Herbert, and Y. D'Angelo Thermodynamics of metabolic energy conversion, Posted on ArXiv (2017 v1 & 2018 v2) [8]

P. Bénard, V. Moureau, G. Lartigue, Y. D'Angelo Large-Eddy Simulation of a hydrogen enriched methane/air meso-scale combustor International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Volume 42, Issue 4, 26 January 2017, Pages 2397-2410 [9]

C. Goupil, H. Ouerdane, E. Herbert, G. Benenti, Y. D’Angelo and Ph. Lecoeur; Closed loop approach to thermodynamics, Phys. Rev. E 94, 032136 – Published 29 September 2016. [10]

P. Bénard, G. Balarac, V. Moureau, C. Dobrzynski, G. Lartigue, Y. D'Angelo, Mesh adaptation for large-eddy simulations in complex geometries, Int. Journal Numerical Methods in Fluids, 2015 [11]

M. Sjöstrand-Cuif & Y. D’Angelo, DNS Analysis of a cubic meso-scale combustion chamber : I. Cold flow topology & dynamics, European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids, Volume 52, July–August 2015, Pages 55–67, [12]

M. Sjöstrand–Cuif, Y. D’Angelo & E. Albin, No-slip Wall Acoustic Boundary Condition treatment in the Incompressible Limit, Computers & Fluids, Volume 86, Pages 92–102, November 2013. [13]

R.A. Rego, Y. D’Angelo, G. Joulin, On nonlinear model equations for the response of premixed flames to acoustic like accelerations, Combustion Theory & Modelling, 17, 1, 2013 [14]

E. Albin, H. Nawroth, S. Göke, Y. D’Angelo, C.O Paschereit, Experimental investigation of burning velocities of ultra-wet methane-air-steam mixtures, Fuel Processing Technology, 107, pp 27–35, March 2013 [15]

E. Albin & Y. D’Angelo, Assessment of the Evolution Equation Modelling approach for three-dimensional expanding wrinkled premixed flames, Combustion & Flame, Vol. 159, Issue 5, pp 1932–1948, May 2012 [16]

J. Dombard, B. Leveugle, L. Selle, J. Réveillon, T. Poinsot & Y. D’Angelo, Modeling heat transfer in diluted two-phase flows using the Mesoscopic Eulerian Formalism, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 55, Issues 5–6, Pages 1486–1495, 2012 [17]

E. Albin, Y. D’Angelo & L. Vervisch, Flow streamline based Navier-Stokes Characteristic Boundary Conditions : modeling for transverse and corner outflows, Computers and Fluids, 51, 1, pp. 115-126, 2012 [18]

E. Albin, Y. D’Angelo & L. Vervisch, Using staggered grids with acoustic boundary conditions when solving compressible reactive Navier-Stokes equations, Int. J. Numerical Methods in Fluids, 2012 [19]

G. Boury & Y. D’Angelo, On third order density contrast expansion of the evolution equation for wrinkled unsteady premixed flames, Int. J. Non-Linear Mechanics, 46, 9, pp. 1213-1222, 2011 [20]